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A Series of Fortunate Events August 22, 2009

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The Indiana State Fair has been good to me this year.

My third visit to the fair this year was the Kelly Clarkson concert. She showed off her non-airbrushed self and I thought she looked great. She was funny and charming and sang her little guts out.  The average age of the crowd was, um, a bit younger than myself as demonstrated by the entire arena singing “Breakaway” which sounded like a choir of 12 year old girls. But I wasn’t embarrassed. I was proud of my matronly concert-going self, even if I did feel like I needed to sit down because it was age-appropriate to do so.


And then there was my dear Jason Mraz. I didn’t plan on seeing him but after a fantastically craptastic weekend, my friend Casey pulled me out of the gutter of self-pity and threw me right into Jason’s adorable arms.

mraz message

At the end of the concert Jason talked about picking up people who are down and that is what happened to me. Thanks to Casey and Jason, I left the concert a cheerier soul and was reminded to look on the bright side. And it didn’t hurt that Mr. Mraz was so darn cute, fedora and all.  I got one picture of Jason and I like to pretend he was looking right at me. It isn’t in the same league as Casey’s photography so I’ll go ahead and direct you to a set of her amazing pics.


Still, the fair was not through with me yet. Early Thursday morning I got word that M.C. Hammer was going to be performing on the free stage. The FREE stage! I called Brandon at noon and proposed another trip to the fair (my fifth to be exact). The more I thought about it, the more I could not resist going to see M.C. Hammer. After all, “Please Hammer, Don’t Hurt ‘Em” was the second CD I ever owned. Fate was on my side when a friend offered me free tickets to the fair that evening. All was working in my favor. When Brandon got home, we packed up G and headed out.

We had a great spot next to the stage and the show was just as fun as I had anticipated. Near the end of the concert, Hammer began to call some fans up on stage. Brandon looked at me with huge eyes and shouted, “GO, ANNA, GO!” Before I realized what I was going on, I was up on stage. Before I knew what I was doing, I was dancing on stage with Hammer to “U Can’t Touch This”. Before Hammer realized it, I had touched him. With my index finger. Just reached out and there he was. I CAN touch Hammer! My work was done.



19 Responses to “A Series of Fortunate Events”

  1. jennaloha Says:

    no freakin way.

  2. Lacey Says:

    Oh my, I love this! I am practicing my running man right now!

  3. Corinne Says:

    GEEZ, your fair is so awesome! the food looks disgusting, but great concerts. i am jealous.

  4. You danced with HAMMER?
    I pale in comparison.

  5. That is awesome.

    I’ve been a Hoosier all my life and never made it to a State Fair. Appears that county fairs have NOTHING on yours. I must get there next year.


  6. I was at the concert too – but did not get to “touch it”…

  7. Abby Says:

    Wow. I’m speechless.

  8. Jeanettie boo Says:

    Ah ha ha. I love to picture you touching MC HAMMER with your index finger. That is the greatest. I’m also so glad that Jason Mraz cheered you up!! What wonderful fair adventures you have my darling!

  9. Katherine Says:

    All I can say is, you rock and I want to be invited next time!

  10. Lisa Says:

    Still laughing my arse off! You, MC Hammer, too funny!

  11. JoAnna Says:

    Probably your all-time best post ever! I was laughing hard and out loud!! My favorite part—Brandon looking at you with huge eyes, shouting “GO ANNA GO!” Hahahahah!!! If there was ever a cooler couple than you, I have not met them!

  12. Jessie Says:

    Holy Crap, that WAS a series of fortunate events. I guess with the bummers, come the fantastics, if you let them.
    Fun post, Hammer-toucher.

  13. Katherine MW Says:

    ohh, i wanna tough your hand. that is so cool!

  14. Marli Says:

    I guess you can touch this, huh? You rock. 🙂 Five times to the fair. Looks like we need to come visit you next year and do the fair Anna style. 😉

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