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Last days of summer September 1, 2009

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The summer went to fast. The last two weeks were spent in mourning over my husband beginning the third year of law school. But before everyone comments about how great the third year is and how much better it is than the first two – let me just stop you right there. Perhaps it is easier for the student. But for me, the lonely wife, it is not that great. So take your normal semester of classes add 15 hours of work each week and then add another 10 hours of work at an externship and it equals a lonely wife and child. Forgive me if I don’t agree with those who claim the third year is oh, so wonderful. But he does come home at a normal hour on Tuesdays. Go Tuesdays. I just get a little lonely during the school year.

On top of missing Brandon, I’ve had a bought of homesickness. I had a visit from my dear friend McRae on Sunday and when she left, I was homesick. Not necessarily homesick for Utah because she hasn’t even lived in Utah for the past three years. But just missing being around some of my old friends. Perhaps I was feeling especially nostalgic because of the changing of the seasons. September is here and fall is coming. There is something about those last summer nights that remind me of late nights with great friends. Sitting on the porch. Driving down the canyon with the windows down. Music always playing.

I ran an errand late last night after G was asleep and Brandon got home. The windows were down and my music was loud and it made me feel happy and I realized it’s good to miss people. It reminds you of what makes you happy.


7 Responses to “Last days of summer”

  1. Lacey Says:

    I’m almost finished with your mittens … would that make you happy? I’m sorry Brandon’s gone so much. That really is the pits.

  2. I’ll stay away for a really long time and then you can miss me. Deal?

  3. Jeanettie boo Says:

    There is something about those last summer nights. Nostalgic is the perfect word. I’m rooting for Tuesdays! Man, I think I’ve got it hard when Jesse works one night shift a week and a full weekend once a month, but I don’t got nothin’ on you. Boooo. I don’t know how you do it!


  4. Lisa Says:

    😦 Missing you 😦

  5. I hear you, sister. With Seth working and going to school and getting ready for the LSAT, I never see him. Emphasis on never. Miss you love you! See you in a week and a half!!

  6. McRae Says:

    It was so fun to be able to see you again, it had been way too long 😦 I can’t wait for you to come out and visit me next time. Thanks again for hosting us! We’ll have to go through old pictures while you visit me, we’ll probably pee our pants or get ripped abs from laughing! Just think, Law school is almost done, at least you don’t have to have 2 more years like this third year!

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