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Living in a material world September 8, 2009

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I headed in to JoAnn’s (or and G says, Jo’s Ann) yesterday in preparation for a little service project making baby blankets. For some reason those who are assigned to the cutting table at my neighborhood JoAnn’s  are eternally pissed. It isn’t just one woman – it’s all of them at the cutting desk. I ask them kindly for a yard and a half and they sigh and give me a heavy glower. The front end people on the other hand are a delight.  It makes me wonder about the workplace politics at JoAnn’s.

I typically use my “be really, really nice because it’s funny when they’re still pissed after I’ve been nice” tactic at the cutting table. Rarely do they bother to speak to me other than to ask how many yards or to make some sort of judgemental look about what I’m purchasing. So yesterday, out of the blue the woman asks me if I’m on the mailing list. I answer yes with a huge smile to pre-empt any dirty looks she may be storing up for me and before I could catch myself, I tacked on some nervous small-talk, “yeah, I couldn’t live without it, heh.” I knew the moment I said it, I was in trouble. Stick to the plan, Anna. No unnecessary chatter!  She doesn’t take kindly to my feeble attempt at breaking the ice.  “Ha,” she says.  “People seem to think that they need more than we really do in the world today,” and she continues on giving me a lecture on materialism in today’s society. I agreed with her but she went on and on and spoke to me as if I really needed to learn a lesson.

I sat and listened as my fake smile wavered. What was really great about the whole lecture was that I was buying material to make baby blankets for CHARITY.  And yes, I would survive without JoAnn’s monthly mailers. The question is whether I can survive the customer service at the cutting table.


9 Responses to “Living in a material world”

  1. Corinne Says:

    seriously! joann’s cutting table workers are so mean! have you found cute fabric at joann’s lately? all i can find are grandma prints. not good.

    • Anna Says:

      I wouldn’t say that I got great stuff at JoAnn’s. But it was affordable. I am kind of a fabric snob and usually buy stuff online (www.fatquartershop.com love it)

  2. OH I am so with you on this one! I’ve been to their counter less than a handful of times in my life but each and every time I felt like I was bothering them. I try to be super nice, hoping it will rub off on them. But inevitably it doesn’t and I leave pissed that they were so pissy.

  3. tiffany Says:

    so funny! i was just there yesterday and had to wait for like 20 min before someone finally made their way to the counter and then she acted all annoyed that she had to cut the darn fabric herself {like i was being lazy or something}. i was tempted to reach over and cut the fabric myself. i’m with you on being a fabric snob… i love me some good expensive fabric!

  4. Jeanettieboo Says:

    Haaaa. I can totally picture your face during this lady’s lecture and I just love you more for it!!

  5. jennaloha Says:

    Just another reason to add to a very long list of why I should never take up sewing. I don’t need the negativity in my life.

    Or maybe, just another “excuse” of why I should never take up sewing. That might be more honest.

  6. Jessie Says:

    Oh man, that’s hilarious. I don’t frequent JoAnn’s (being the lame non-sewer that I am) but I’ve been lots of times with my mom. What I’ve observed at our JoAnn’s is the no one is EVER in a hurry there. It can take 30 minutes to buy thread!

    I think you should have stuck it to miss Grouchy Pants by telling her “Yes, materialism sucks. Thta why I’m buying this fabric to make blankets for charity!” Oh, snap.

  7. Lisa Says:

    I agree 100%. Lameness at JoAnn’s is apparently universal. I hate them, hate them all!

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