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Every sweet tooth needs just a little hit September 16, 2009

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Oh, Chicago. How I love Chicago. It hasn’t always been the best relationship though. When we first visited Chicago, I loved it but it was so busy and walking everywhere with a stroller was terrible. Not to mention the parking, the exorbitant parking. My second visit only lasted four or so hours so it was pretty good because I was only in and out in enough time to enjoy the SYTYCD tour. So the third time around I thought I had it all figured out but I was wrong. I loved the trip but it beat me up – I was exhausted and spent and unintentionally wasted time and money.

But last weekend, we finally did it. We parked easily. We got food before we lost our pleasant demeanor. It was well-planned and we did everything we wanted to do. First, a trip to the Art Institute of Chicago.  There was a special exhibit featuring art from Caldecott Award books. It was so fun for me since I am such a fan of children’s books and several of my favorites were on display.

Next we headed for dinner at the famous Giordano’s deep dish pizza. We had some pizza left over so we gave it to a nice homeless man outside. I have to say that really like the homeless people I’ve met in Chicago. He was so grateful for the pizza unlike the unlike the homeless people in Portland who cuss you out when you don’t give them a buck.  Anyway – we next headed to Millennium Park and Grant Park and it was just the most beautiful day.


Finally, the moment arrived. THE MOMENT. It was the reason why Heather flew in from Salt Lake City and why Katie flew in from LA for the weekend. We reunited as U2 fans to see the first show in N. America. It was the opening night of the  U2 360 Tour at  Soldier Field. It was my fifth U2 concert. Brandon’s second. Add together Katie’s and Heather’s U2 concert attendance and I think it’s probably somewhere in the twenties. I feel like an amateur U2 fan when I’m around them but I love it because they are my U2 mentors.

Snow Patrol opened and they were fantastic. They were so happy to be playing to a huge stadium filled crowd. I love that we could see how happy they were to be there.

I get that some people don’t like U2. I get that some people hate U2. But I love U2 and I will always love U2. I will always love their shows. It absolutely blows my mind that I can still go to a show and it still leaves me in awe.  And there is nothing quite like the feeling of being at a concert with 65,000 fans who are enjoying the experience just like I am.




9 Responses to “Every sweet tooth needs just a little hit”

  1. Jessie Says:

    Wow, that really is cool. James Taylor is my U2. But I’ve never flown in pals to see him in some big, giant, cool city. You’re cool, Anna. COOL.

  2. Katie Says:

    Thanks again Anna!! You and your family are fabulous hosts! I had a friend ask how this compares to other U2 shows I’ve seen. It’s hard to say one was better than the other. What can possibly top seeing U2 on opening night in Chicago???? Good vibes…

    • Anna Says:

      I know! It is so hard to pick a show because they are all so good. I had so much fun with you and Heather. Come again, please.

  3. Jeanettie boo Says:

    I’m ever so glad you got to do this!!! I love how much you love them!

    PS. I want that deep dish pizza. Mmmmm.

  4. Abby Says:

    Oh I am so glad you got to do that. And it’s fun to know you and Heather are still dedicated fans. I brag you girls up to people who claim to love U2. “Oh no,” I say, “you could not possibly love U2 the way my friends do.” And I happily think of the life-sized picture of Bono that greeted me every day as I walked into our apartment.

  5. Tara Says:

    I LOVE Giordano’s, I’ve thought about it often since my date with it last year.

  6. Girl, your post gave me goosebumps. I have been on a U2 obsession since I got back. I’m spending naptimes downloading bootlegs. Thanks again so much for getting us to Chicago! It was wonderful, and Brandon’s pictures are amazing. And I think we can safely say the number of shows would be in the thirties. 🙂 I miss you!!!

  7. Marli Says:

    I’ve been to two of their concerts and I love them too. 🙂

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