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The sky is falling September 28, 2009

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September has been a good month. October is just around the corner. I’m sad to see summer go. Trips to the pool. G picking flowers for me every day.

But I love fall. I love where I live. I love what I’m doing with myself lately. Quilting again. Finishing projects. Sewing. Eating peaches (so in season, they are ridiculously good) and fresh pineapple (not a fall fruit but I’m thinking they’ve got to be in season somewhere in the world because they are so good). Starting to bake more.  Halloween coming up (oh, Halloween, I love you more and more each year). Flying G’s kite. The beautiful weather. And hope that those freakishly large grasshoppers that chomp away at my dahlias and like to mate right outside my window will disappear.



5 Responses to “The sky is falling”

  1. Jeanettie boo Says:

    Can I get a place with 3 seasons? That would be ideal. Spring, Summer and Fall. And winter only on Christmas eve.

    I love fall!!!!! I love the way the air feels in October!

  2. Fall is hands down my favorite season. Too bad it last all of 2 days…

  3. Lisa Says:

    What a great photo. You are amazing. I love you and your fall attitude! I want to do more of what you do. You are my hero. And idol.

  4. JoAnna Says:

    Amen, sistah! That’s one thing I love about MN is that we actually get a fall. And I absolutely love it. It brings out the baking and projects side of me! Boo yeah!

  5. Peaches are no longer available at my local Smith’s. 😦

    P.S. I still think you are amazing. Quilting? Sewing? Honestly.

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