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Puff, the aging dragon October 12, 2009

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The year I turned 30, I thought there would be some sort of dramatic transformation as if I would really feel old. Turns out, 30 was a breeze.

The year I turned 31 I noticed a dramatic change in my memory. I once had a darling roommate who would forget names all the time and I would give her a hard time. She’d mix up names and think the clothing store in the mall was called Hugh Grant. In my 31st year, karma struck back and I began to forget names ALL. THE. TIME.

Along with 32 came the gray hair. Certainly, 32 has not been the most stress-free year for me so maybe that added to the growing collection of gray invaders. But the grays came in force, unruly and unrepentant.

Each year, I get a new symptom.  I don’t always identify it until half the year is over but each year is clearly signified by another sign of getting older. I’m not bitter about it – I’m glad it’s coming one at a time (at least for now).

I’m turning 33 next week and I think I already know what this year will bring. Check out the bags under my eyes in this recent picture. What the…? Seriously? Granted, the lighting and angle  is not optimal but come on, that is some serious puffiness. So. My 33rd year is going to be puffy. The kind of puffy that even a really comfy pair of stretchy pants can’t help. Oy.



7 Responses to “Puff, the aging dragon”

  1. Marli Says:

    Love the post name. You just crack me up. I think the picture is totally cute. And Happy Birthday a week early. I hope it’s a great one. 😉

  2. Jeanettie boo Says:

    Ha ha! You’re so funny! With every year my alzheimers gets worse. I’m serious. I am so forgetful. By 30 I will be wandering around not knowing my own name, I’m sure of it!

  3. Jessie Says:

    Ha ha ha. I have the gray hairs a-coming, and dark circles under my eyes EVEN if I have a decent night’s sleep! Aging is mean, just mean.
    My memory has always been fantastic. Then along came those pregnancy/nursing hormones. Now I’m kind of embarrassed to have conversations with people, because I know I’m going to lose my train of thought at least once and have to say: “Um…I forgot what I was saying…” end of conversation. ARGH.

  4. Lisa Says:

    Ha ha, love this post. However, you are more beautiful than ever (seriously!). I totally know what you mean though. Unfortunately, my 33rd year has brought a mean bout of acne. I mean, c’mon. And you know all about my memory. It has been horrible for YEARS and just keeps getting worse and worse with each passing year. Maybe our hubbies can come visit you, me and Jeanette when we are in a nursing home together. At least they (and we) will have each other!

    • Jeanettie boo Says:

      Yes luckily we will have eachothers and our husbands will have eachothers…..wait, what were we talking about again?

  5. chantel Says:

    haha, who would call a store Hugh Grant??? That’s carazy! You are hot… and i miss you

  6. I AM WITH YOU ON THE BAGS! Ugh! Where did they come from? I feel like mine came last year. Which would be 31. And, for the record, that picture is still way cuter than any picture I take of myself. Someone made a rule for me that I absolutely can’t look good in any picture where me or the other person is holding the camera out in front of me/us. Rude. But girl, you lookin good. And I can’t leave the house without makeup.

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