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…to the United States of America November 11, 2009

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I am very grateful to all the veterans who have served America.  I remember when I was young, I thought of veterans of being “old”. I probably had that mindset because 1) I was a kid and 2) my grandfather was a veteran and therefore, I thought veterans were all grandfathers.  I remember being in high school when Desert Storm began. Since that time, my view of veterans changed dramatically. It is difficult for me to fathom, to try and comprehend all the sacrifices made on our behalf by these men and women (and their families) who serve our country. What can I say except, thank you.


It was just a dream November 9, 2009

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I had a dream last night that as I looked out the window to our back yard, there was a gigantic mountain basically in our back yard. Unusual for Indiana. No mountains here. It was a terrible storm with rain pounding down and mud started sliding down the mountain. Not unusual for Indiana. Lots of bad rain storms here. After the rain started pouring, the mud started sliding down the mountain and pouring into our backyard. Next, huge trees started getting uprooted from the mudslide and carried away down the mountain, crashing into our back yard. Then, big pieces of what were formerly other homes started flying down and crashing down around us. Everything narrowly missing me and my family as we stood watching from my house.

I once had a dream journal that had little tidbits of dream interpretation. The one thing I remember about dream interpretation is that dreaming about a house represents your own soul and self.  In my dream, my house remained intact throughout all this turbulence meaning that my soul and myself stands strong amidst the storms I must endure. I don’t think my conscious self has as much confidence as my sub-conscious self.

This dream came after a discussion with our home teachers. I was asked to share my favorite scripture. This was a task for me since I have many favorite scriptures and often, it depends on my phase of life. I picked Matthew 11: 28-30.

Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and ye shall find rest unto your souls. For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light.

Maybe in my dream, my house wasn’t my house after all. Maybe my soul was taking a little shelter from the storm in His house.


Hot or not. November 6, 2009

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I won something. Finally. But it wasn’t because of luck. It was my sweet cooking skills at a chili cook-off for Halloween.

Winner. Hottest Chili.

Okay so maybe it wasn’t my sweet cooking skills. It might have had something to do with doubling the amount of chipotle chilies in my recipe at Brandon’s suggestion. (Find my recipe on Linoleum Dynamite here.)

Victory was sweet. I raised my arms in triumph. I collected my prize with pride in my face. Then, just when I was thinking I was hot stuff, a ten-year old informed me that his family’s chili recipe would have won if only they didn’t put in as much sugar. Thanks, kid.


Dolly & Me November 4, 2009

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Living in a social networking world can be frustrating. Take for instance, Facebook. I appreciate Facebook because I’ve reconnected with some really great friends. I appreciate Facebook because I can keep in touch with people I otherwise might lose track of. I don’t like Facebook because people who didn’t like me in real life now want to be my friend on Facebook. I don’t like Facebook because I feel guilty if I don’t accept the friendship of some person I vaguely remember from high school. Like it – don’t like it. Frustrating.

Something that drives me absolutely crazy about blogs, Facebook and Twitter is that it gives everyone the license to be rude because the internet affords anonymity. I try, really try to be a positive person on the internet. I try not to write negative things.  I intentionally avoid writing about certain topics as to maintain a level of civility in my internet communication.  Too many times I’ve been reading a blog and come across a mean, disrespectful or derogatory comment. Thankfully, I’ve never received a mean comment on my blog. I have had a few somewhat rude comments directed at me on Facebook and Twitter but nothing too serious and likely rooted in misunderstanding. It’s almost to be expected to encounter impolite comments on social networking sites.

One place I never expected to find conflict was on Goodreads – a website that allows you write reviews on books you’ve read.  I love Goodreads. Here is one of my recent reviews of a book I got from the library for G. I gave the book 2 stars (which, for the record is “it was o.k.”). It wasn’t my favorite but I don’t think I wrote anything too inflammatory.

dewey review

Also for the record, the book is rambling and nonsensical. Sometimes children’s books are rambling and nonsensical. That is nothing new. It doesn’t mean your child won’t like it – G still loved this book. Oh, and just because I didn’t like this book doesn’t mean that I don’t like cats. I love animals. I do. I cried when I watched Marley & Me. I get sad when I see the lobsters in the tank at the grocery store.

So today, I check my Goodreads account to find a passive-aggressive response from a complete stranger.


Dolly, I don’t know you but I am grateful to you because I’ve now been alerted to the fact that strangers can make comments on my reviews and subsequently changed my privacy settings. If you actually did know me, I think you might have rolled your eyes at my review rather than to be so shocked at my apathy. I don’t hate Dewey the cat, I just like other books better. So Dolly, in the interest of coming to some sort of peaceful accord, what do you say we electronically hug it out?