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Dolly & Me November 4, 2009

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Living in a social networking world can be frustrating. Take for instance, Facebook. I appreciate Facebook because I’ve reconnected with some really great friends. I appreciate Facebook because I can keep in touch with people I otherwise might lose track of. I don’t like Facebook because people who didn’t like me in real life now want to be my friend on Facebook. I don’t like Facebook because I feel guilty if I don’t accept the friendship of some person I vaguely remember from high school. Like it – don’t like it. Frustrating.

Something that drives me absolutely crazy about blogs, Facebook and Twitter is that it gives everyone the license to be rude because the internet affords anonymity. I try, really try to be a positive person on the internet. I try not to write negative things.  I intentionally avoid writing about certain topics as to maintain a level of civility in my internet communication.  Too many times I’ve been reading a blog and come across a mean, disrespectful or derogatory comment. Thankfully, I’ve never received a mean comment on my blog. I have had a few somewhat rude comments directed at me on Facebook and Twitter but nothing too serious and likely rooted in misunderstanding. It’s almost to be expected to encounter impolite comments on social networking sites.

One place I never expected to find conflict was on Goodreads – a website that allows you write reviews on books you’ve read.  I love Goodreads. Here is one of my recent reviews of a book I got from the library for G. I gave the book 2 stars (which, for the record is “it was o.k.”). It wasn’t my favorite but I don’t think I wrote anything too inflammatory.

dewey review

Also for the record, the book is rambling and nonsensical. Sometimes children’s books are rambling and nonsensical. That is nothing new. It doesn’t mean your child won’t like it – G still loved this book. Oh, and just because I didn’t like this book doesn’t mean that I don’t like cats. I love animals. I do. I cried when I watched Marley & Me. I get sad when I see the lobsters in the tank at the grocery store.

So today, I check my Goodreads account to find a passive-aggressive response from a complete stranger.


Dolly, I don’t know you but I am grateful to you because I’ve now been alerted to the fact that strangers can make comments on my reviews and subsequently changed my privacy settings. If you actually did know me, I think you might have rolled your eyes at my review rather than to be so shocked at my apathy. I don’t hate Dewey the cat, I just like other books better. So Dolly, in the interest of coming to some sort of peaceful accord, what do you say we electronically hug it out?


14 Responses to “Dolly & Me”

  1. Katherine MW Says:

    oh my gosh. i just do know what to say . . . that is so random. and weird. sorry anna. and i will take your review to heart and just not get the book – but mostly because i don’t like cats.

  2. Anj Says:

    Totally on board with facebook. I love it, I love that people I care about I can keep in touch with. And that those who are far away seem close. I’m not afraid to reject friend requests. I do it all the time. However I had one girl, that I had one class with, back way back when, keep asking me over and over to be my friend. Seriously? I kept rejecting her, she kept asking. She was persistent, I’ll give her that. So I finally accepted, and now I feel defeated.
    Anyhow… I think people abuse the internet to showcase their bad-manners. I hate the comment sections of news papers and news stations. It makes me disappointed in humanity.

  3. Lacey Says:

    Oh, I am laughing! Seriously? Dewey? Oh, man. I think Vicki, oops! I mean Dolly needs to get a life!

  4. Jessie Says:

    Hmm. You know, the reason there are so many terrible books out there is because of people (like Dolly?) who enjoy bad writing and annoying characters. Just saying.

  5. Jessie Says:

    Oh, and samesies on the Facebook deal. It’s weird. I say I hate it, but then I check in daily – so I must like it. Let’s just say: I hate liking it.

  6. Jeanettieboo Says:

    You know how I feel about facebook. Totally a love-hate thing. I miss it now that I don’t have it, but when I did have it I pretty much hated it, I do miss looking at people’s pictures though, I feel so out of the loop now…another thought on the internet social networking World, it’s a stalkers dream come true, don’t ya think? Twitter, stalkers don’t even have to work anymore, they can see what their victim is doing at any time just by sitting at home on their computer…creepy. Hence, privacy.

    Anyway, could you please comment back to this offended lady and tell her to stop spelling extraordinary wrong?

    My thoughts – such a silly, silly thing for her to be offended about. A children’s book review that she doesn’t agree with. Let’s not get worked up Dolly. Come now.

  7. JoAnna Says:

    You just expressed all my inner thoughts and conflicts with FB and blogging. You can be too easily misunderstood and that bothers me. Plus, that one dude that I do NOT remember from hs (you remember me asking you about him) kept requesting me and requesting me and requesting me over and over again. I finally caved!!! I feel so weird about it. I agree to a tee with you and all the comments above. Well written!

    • Anna Says:

      I can pretty much guarantee that you do not know that guy. Seriously. Okay so maybe you passed him the hall once or twice. Maybe. De-friend him Jo, de-friend him. No guilt!

  8. Michelle Says:

    Well, I sort of felt bad about telling you that I didn’t like Glee. Like I might hurt your feelings or something. I hope that we are still cool! 😉

  9. Just for the record, I wouldn’t have rolled my eyes at you OR been shocked at your apathy. 🙂

  10. Alli Says:

    So this is the first time I’ve checked out your Ohbetsy! And it is hilarious! Again I ask, “When do you have time to be soo cool?!”
    You and I see eye to eye on kids books, if i check them out I have to like them too! DOWN with the cheesy, poorly written, blase childrens’ books!

  11. Corinne Says:

    i too had a similar experience with goodreads that alerted me to change my privacy settings. after writing a heartfelt review, some stranger told me i was a “dumb a#$.” very eloquent comment.
    i find it hilarious that this comment was made about a children’s book! some people have too much time on their hands if they are reading people’s reviews that they don’t even know!

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