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Hot or not. November 6, 2009

Filed under: Linoleum Dynamite — Anna @ 9:05 am

I won something. Finally. But it wasn’t because of luck. It was my sweet cooking skills at a chili cook-off for Halloween.

Winner. Hottest Chili.

Okay so maybe it wasn’t my sweet cooking skills. It might have had something to do with doubling the amount of chipotle chilies in my recipe at Brandon’s suggestion. (Find my recipe on Linoleum Dynamite here.)

Victory was sweet. I raised my arms in triumph. I collected my prize with pride in my face. Then, just when I was thinking I was hot stuff, a ten-year old informed me that his family’s chili recipe would have won if only they didn’t put in as much sugar. Thanks, kid.


2 Responses to “Hot or not.”

  1. Marli Says:

    Okay, so I won hottest chili at our cook off too. It was the fire starter award. They gave us a little fireman kit, plastic axe, walkie talkie, extinguisher, badge. Hayden was pretty happy about it. It didn’t seem that hot to me but I guess the Utah people thought the New Mexico green chili was pretty hot. 🙂

  2. Jeanettieboo Says:

    I’ve discovered a new love for chili this year. I never knew I loved it so much. Congratulations on your winnage. I’m so proud!

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