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Mood Adjustment January 18, 2010

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My child loves the snow. He isn’t phased by the cold. He plays and plays until I get too cold to stay outside any longer and we have to go in.

He also loves his dad (more than snow!). When he doesn’t get to see his dad, he acts out. It’s subtle but his mood and overall behavior takes a hit. The last round of finals left me a teeny bit battered because G was a teeny bit off. I totally understand. Brandon gives full attention to G the moment he walks in the door. They play games that are not as fun with a mommy stand-in. It’s tough on G.

The remedy? Winter break with unlimited dad time.  Plenty of snow to play in. Plenty of dad to play with.


2 Responses to “Mood Adjustment”

  1. Jessie Says:

    Aw, what a good dad. Louie is just the same way. The minute he walks in the door, he basically kisses me and runs away with the littles. They sure need that climbing, wrestling around time – and I really can’t give it to them. I’m good for reading books, pretending for a little while, and disciplining (of course). Mostly I make them eat and sleep on time. Dads get the fun part.

  2. So funny that I read this today. Miles asked for Daddy (used to be Dada, but just changed) right when he woke up in the morning and again after his nap. But today he cried and held his arms out and said (what I think was) c’mere (come here). It was really sad. I told you about this before, but no matter what I do I will never be as cool as Daddy. I am just hoping that a girl will like me as much, but I kind of doubt that. Love you!

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