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Steve Colt! February 7, 2010

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I think I might be allergic to Indiana. It’s too bad because I really like it here. Every time I’ve walked out of my house the past three days, I am immediately struck with a sinus headache that knocks me out for the rest of the day. Right now is no exception. I should be making dinner for my husband but instead, he’s doing it (he’s cool like that). Of course, dinner might end up being a big plate of nachos. He keeps telling me that he’s going to make us nachos so we can watch the Superbowl.

Watch the Superbowl? Us? Yes,, we’re planning on it (except for an hour devoted to Masterpiece Theater’s conclusion of Emma). It’s kind of unavoidable  living here in Indiana. We’re bound to be Colts fans. We’ve watched more professional football this season that ever before. But I still giggle when I hear people say, “Go, Colts!” because I just say in my head, “Steve Holt!” and want to lift up my arms.

So anyway, if any of you are browsing the internet instead of watching the Superbowl today, might I recommend my featured Valentine’s playlist on Today’s Mama? You’ll find it here.


5 Responses to “Steve Colt!”

  1. Brooke Says:

    I REALLY wanted nachos to eat while watching the Superbowl…but did not have them 😦

  2. Jessie Says:

    Ha ha, Steve Holt. I love how it says “Quote: ‘No'”.
    I was kind of allergic to Iowa too. My feet were itchy and my asthma came back just a little when I lived there. Maybe it was all those farmland pesticides!

  3. Flesworthy Says:

    LOVE this! My husband had FOX on yesterday afternoon, and they kept showing “Blue it up!” promos, which made me think of Tobias saying “I just blue myself!” *sigh* I miss Arrested Development.

    Hope your nachos were tasty!

    • Anna Says:

      If I was eating nachos while reading this comment, it is quite possible I would have spit them out while laughing. “I just blue myself!” Ha!

  4. anj Says:

    As soon as I read the title to your post I started to laugh. And then when I read your friends “blue myself comment” I laughed even harder. Now I will never be able to think of the Colts and not chuckle to myself. And I believe that is a good thing.

    Love the playlist.

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