Ohh, Betsy!

Hello, again. August 24, 2010

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I took an unexplained hiatus from this blog. The reason why it was unexplained was simple enough – I couldn’t explain it. Deep, right? That and I was busy gestating two beautiful girls. Truth was that blogging kind of took a back seat to life. I began my first blog when I had Grant. I needed a project to keep my free time occupied while on maternity leave. And now, although I am not technically on maternity leave because I don’t work out of the home, I am returning to blogging. You may wonder how I have time to blog considering I have a four-year old and newborn twins. I’m not so sure I do have the time. But, something I know for sure is that when I spend my days (and nights) feeding babies, wrangling my preschooler, changing diapers and cleaning bottles, I need some outlet to the world. The world is foreign to me now. My world is contained inside my house and I am not predicting a lot of mobility in the coming months. I’m pretty sure it took me 20 minutes just to get all three kids in the car last Saturday – and that was with the help of my husband. Hello again internet, it’s me, Anna.

{Photo by Casey Mullins Photography}